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Container Top Safety Work Cages

The WCS modular Container Top Safety Work Cage (CTS-WC) is designed to carry personnel from the ground level to the container ship while connected to the spreader of the quay side container crane. The cage is designed to allow personnel to work safely within its confines, in order to allow clear and safe access to the twist lock corner pockets and lashing equipment attached to containers on board vessels.
The 20ft CTS-WC is designed to meet ISO standard dimensions for containers. ISO standard corner castings are installed at the top four corners of the 20ft cages and have been designed to be lifted by a standard ship-to-shore crane spreader.  The modular concept enables the user to serve both, 20ft and 40ft bays without changing safety cage, as the two products are encompassed into one design.

General Features:                                                                                                             

  • Designed to be compatible with most 20ft spreaders equipped on ship-to-shore container cranes
  • Can safely carry up to 4 persons at any given time
  • Includes personnel safety lines for safety harness attachment
  • Features secondary safety attachments to prevent detachment from the spreader in the event of twistlock failure
  • Features  hinged aluminum floor access hatches in 4 corners for access to twist locks
  • Equipped with self closing/locking access gates
  • Includes storage bins and lockers
  • 20ft unit can be employed with our modular 40ft sections at a time.
  • General Dimensions:
              Overall Length - 6058mm
              Overall Width - 2438mm
              Overall Height - 2306mm
  • Tare Weight:  2500 kg
  • Safe Working Load (SWL):  2500 kg /incl 4 personnel

Specification Sheets: CTS-WC 20/40.pdf


Container Top Safety Work Cages (below).